Why work from a crowded coffee shop or an isolated home office? Stop by and meet your new friendly coworkers.


Almost everything you need to know about Sunnyside Station and coworking in general.

What is coworking?

Is it co-working or coworking?

The correct spelling is “coworking” and a member of a coworking space is called a “coworker”. This is not the same as “co-worker”, which is somebody who happens to work for the same office or company. For a full explanation, read What is Coworking by Tony Bacigalupo of New Work City, or Alex Hillman’s rant.

When are you open?

All membership levels receive secure 24/7 access. If you’d like to check out the space, please schedule a tour.

Do you offer virtual offices?

No, community and collaboration is at the core of what coworking is. Because of this we do not offer virtual offices. If you simply need a drop-in office, meeting room or mail service, we recommend searching for executive office providers or getting mail service through The UPS Store.

Do you offer a day-pass?

Yes, please contact our community manager for availability and scheduling.

May I/we rent your meeting room?

Our meeting room is reserved for use by our members. You are welcome to use the meeting room as their guest. Please have the member contact our community manager for full details and scheduling.

May I use Sunnyside Station as my business address?

This service is only available to our resident and private office members.

Is it ok to use the shared workspace if I'm on the phone all day?

That depends. Are you ok with background noise or coworkers possibly hearing your conversation? If you need to make a private phone call every-so-often then use one of the available phone booths. If you are on calls all day, need privacy or feel you would bother other coworkers, we recommend signing up for a private office.

May I share a private office with my friends?

No, private offices are reserved for entrepreneurs and small teams of 2-4 people that work together under one entity. Our shared work spaces are best for individuals. It’ll give you an opportunity to make even more friends!

May I bring my dog to work?

We love pets, but some coworkers or visitors might be allergic. Please keep Fido at home or find a neighborhood doggy daycare.

May I bring my kids to work?

Sorry. Having children in the office doesn’t foster a productive work environment. We will have family friendly events and host an annual “take your kid to work day”. Check out our calendar for updates.

What should I bring to work?

What would you bring to work at a coffee shop? Bring what you need to get the job done, but at the end of the day you will need to take with you what you brought in unless you are a Resident member.

May I lock up my items?

Sorry, we don’t offer lockers. If you are a Resident or Private Office member we welcome you to bring your own locking file cabinet or storage.

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