two people talking and working from a shared coworking workspace


What you leave at home depends on your coworking space and the membership level you select.

Coworking membership varies from space to space but typically you will find drop-in hot desks, dedicated reserved desks, and private offices. If you opt for a hot desk membership, it’s much like a coffee shop and you will want to only bring what you can fit into a laptop case. What you bring with you must also go home with you. This type of work space doesn’t work for everyone. If you require a desktop computer, large or dual monitor setup, LAN phone, place to store files, etc… it will be necessary to have a dedicated desk or private office. This will not only provide more space but give you a reserved area to leave all the items you need to work.

A question we’re frequently asked is if it’s ok to talk on the phone. Coworking spaces are not libraries and it’s expected that business and sales calls will happen in either the open work space or privately in a phone booth. You will need to bring your own cell phone, unless you have a dedicated space for a LAN/voIP line, and optionally a good pair of head phones. Do remember that it is a shared space and keep your voice at a reasonable volume, even while in a phone booth. Those head phones will also come in handy if you want to cancel out noise from other coworkers and signal to them you are busy and unable to chat. (see the attached “house rules”)

If you have large items that you don’t use frequently, and no longer want to keep them at home, you will need to find a storage solution. Some coworking spaces offer storage lockers for a fee, but if that’s not available you may want to use a valet micro-storage solution like SquirrelBox storage.

There are coworking communities for creatives, tech startups, law firms, architects, and the industry list is growing everyday. If your business requires a certain list of amenities, finding a niche community might be your best option. At Sunnyside Station we welcome all industries.

Remember why you chose to leave your home office. The majority of coworkers are looking to get out of the house, be around other professionals, make meaningful connections, and be more productive. Don’t be shy, say hello, and introduce yourself to anyone who is new or you haven’t met yet. A coworking space is only as good as it’s community.