Hello my name is Kristy

Hello my name is Kristy

Cat Herder at ecollective

We’re a full service marketing agency with a pretty stellar work/life balance. Our focus is on relationships above all else, which seems to result in a happy team and happy clients… At least it has for the past 16 years here in Denver!

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Why do you love coworking at Sunnyside Station?

Great location, cool people, relaxed environment, ample collaboration opportunities, and BBQs!

When you’re not coworking, what are you up to?

Playing roller derby, riding my motorcycle, sipping scotch, traveling the world, taking photos, visiting art museums, and eating all the food.

We really want to know…

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The rabbit tagliatelle with morels from the “Old Major” late winter/early spring menu was this beautifully rich, remarkably balanced, slightly acidic, gorgeously textured dish that I wish I could eat on the daily. I also really like homemade steam buns/Bao. And pizza. And tacos. And curry. And sashimi. And fresh tomatoes. Okay… I lied I couldn’t just eat one meal for the rest of my life.